Just Male Waxing - Touched Massage Therapy
Male waxing is becoming more and more popular.
All though male waxing used to be consisted mostly of models, bodybuilders, swimmers and sporting people, more and more men are now wanting the smoother, cleaner and more defined look.  
No matter what your reasons to be waxed are, there are so many benefits to waxing
*The skin is left softer and smoother
*Hair growth is finer, softer and slower
*longer maintenance period of 4-6 weeks
Treatments are carried out by myself in my treatment room, I am a fully qualified massage therapist and hair removal technician.
I trained at Athena Beauty Spa in Wigan for strip wax removal and also male intimate waxing at Strictly Waxing in Radcliffe.
I only offer waxing to Male Clients, How did this come about you may ask?
I used to work in a gym doing only massage therapy, some of my clients asked me to wax them, so I took a course then I could.
As I am not a beauty therapist, woman never came to me for waxing, only males, so trained further as not many people in my area specialise in intimate male waxing. The environment that I provide is calming and private. No one gossiping about your business and all treatments carried out by myself are strictly confidential.B
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